Newt Gingrich GOES NUCLEAR – Drops BOMB On Anti-Trump CNN

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich went off on the anti-Trump media on Tuesday, saying that he’s personally “‘offended by the American news media” and believes President Donald Trump should “close down the White House press briefing room.”

Daily Mail reported that Gingrich went on to say that all White House reporters should be banished to a nearby Starbucks and that Press Secretary Sean Spicer should take questions from real Americans instead. He was very upset by the way the mainstream media covered¬†Trump’s alleged leaking of classified information to high-ranking Russian officials and that the president has the right “to declassify anything he wants to.”

“I am personally offended by the American news media. I think it is destructive and disgusting. It is a danger to the country right now,” Gingrich told Politico. “Just say to American people, you get to choose.”

He added that closing the press briefing room would send the message “that the media is a corrupt institution and he [Trump] is tired of being harassed by people whose only interest is making him look bad.”

“You guys are nuts,” Gingrich continued, addressing the mainstream media directly and saying that they wake up every morning looking for new ways to make Trump look bad.

“There are people here who read this crap and thinks we should be afraid. You have a national defense team of Mattis, Kelly and Tillerson. This is the best team since Eisenhower,” Gingrich said. “These people around the world read you as though you’re real. The damage the news media is doing to the United States is despicable.”

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