Trump Makes HUGE Move To Roll Back Obama’s Legacy – Conservatives Will LOVE This

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On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency moved forward with enacting President Donald Trump’s executive order that aims to roll back Obama-era energy regulations by granting industry petitions to reconsider methane emission rules for fracking.

“EPA is continuing to follow through with President Trump’s Energy Independence Executive Order,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, according to The Washington Examiner. “American businesses should have the opportunity to review new requirements, assess economic impacts and report back, before those new requirements are finalized.”

Pruitt added that the agency is halting the effective date of the new source performance standard for methane. The EPA will also open a new period so the energy industry and other interested groups can give their thoughts on the rule.

The EPA sent a two-page letter to industry groups like the American Petroleum Institute asking that the rule be reconsidered by the administration. Industry groups have long argued that the rules are duplicative and unnecessary, since their own standards for eliminating methane releases as a good business practice.

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