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ISIS launched a chemical attack on U.S. troops this past Sunday, targeting soldiers from Australia and Iraq as well.

The Daily Caller reported that though no American or Australian troops were injured, 25 Iraqis in the unit required treatment.

“Australian medics at a secure base outside Mosul provided first aid to the Iraqi soldiers affected by the gas attack,” said a spokesman for Australian Defense Minister Marise Payne. “The failed gas attack highlights Daesh’s desperation as Iraqi ground forces continue operations to liberate Mosul.”

The Pentagon has described the attack as “low grade.”

Army officials have said gas masks have been passed out to defend our soldiers from future attacks, as marked the second chemical weapons attack in a matter of days. The previous one occurred on Saturday,  when ISIS launched an attack with a gas agent in Mosul, where they fired a rocket full of chlorine.

This shows just how much danger our soldiers in the Middle East are constantly in as they risk their lives to save us from ISIS. SHARE this story if you are PRAYING for our troops!

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